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    “Of all my students, Magda plays in the most beautiful way…” – that is how Tadeusz Wroński, a longtime professor of the Academy of Music in Warsaw, one of the greatest and most versatile of Polish teachers of the art of violin playing, used to say about Magdalena Rezler-Niesiołowska. The artist proved that opinion was justified by winning a number of such reputable international violin competitions as Queen Elisabeth of Belgium in Brussels, Jacque Thibaud in Paris or Karl Flesch in London. She also won medals at the Biennale in Bordeaux and, together with her string quartet, in Budapest.

    Born in Bydgoszcz, in a known family of musicians, she graduated from the Academy with honors, being a student of Professor Wroński and of closely cooperating with him Stanisław Kawalla. As a soloist, she takes part in symphony and chamber concerts and performs recitals in almost all European countries, but also in the USA, Mongolia and South Korea. Her performance was often recorded for the radio and television in Poland, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, West Germany, Belgium and France. Her repertoire includes over 30 concertos with orchestra and 20 recitals. She was a concertmistress of the “National Philharmonic Chamber Musicians” orchestra of Karol Teutsch, performing many solo concertos with it; currently she also takes part in chamber concertos in Germany and Switzerland, cooperating with excellent instrumentalists, such as “Freiburger Barock Solisten.”

    Magdalena Rezler-Niesiołowska, following the steps of her professors, is an excellent educator – for many years she led a violin class in her home Warsaw university, and since 1991 she has been a professor in the renown Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg (Germany). Her graduates are members of symphony orchestras in Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Bremen, Hamburg, Detmold, Freiburg, Warsaw, Budapest, Zurich, Istanbul, Seoul, Tokyo and of the International Mahler Orchestra. She conducts master courses in Germany, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Austria and the USA. She is a jury member of violin competitions in Poland and abroad.

    Her latest CD “Con bravura e sentimento” with Polish virtuoso music for solo violin, recorded with her husband, a well known conductor Maciej Niesiołowski, gained wide attention and admiration. Wanda Wiłkomirska wrote about it in the letter to performers: “…congratulations both for the idea and for performance….Magda’s performance is unusually delightful…You play Wieniawski Polonaise better than all the candidates for the Wieniawski Competition put together…Scherzo-Tarantella sounds perfect, but to be effective it must be played with such rhythmic precision and such fantastic accompaniment as you do…”

    For the last few years (2005-2007) Magdalena Rezler-Niesiołowska has performed mainly in Germany – a lot of recitals of diverse scope, such as a solo recital (with sonatas of Bach, Bartók, Bacewiczówna, Ysaÿe and Meyer), all Beethoven’s sonatas, recitals of Polish music and other. Moreover, together with recognized artists, she took part in many concerts of chamber music with orchestras in Poland, Switzerland and Germany. Recently, with “Capella Bydgostiensis,” she performed Mozart concertos in Germany. With the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, she played a violin concerto of Krzysztof Meyer and with Juliusz Berger – concerto for violin and violoncello of the same composer.

    Magdalena Rezler-Niesiołowska – pearl from Poland  “…The chance to admire of a Polish virtuoso of this class does not happen too often in Chicago. A virtual pearl from Poland! We thank you for that concert….”    Dziennik Związkowy (Polish Daily News), Chicago April 9, 2004.

    37th Poznań Musical Spring Festival
    “…Comprehensive perfection of this piece (Espressioni Varianti of Tadeusz Baerd) was connected with the orchestra’s high level of performance and fascinating, as far as technique and expression is concerned, playing by a soloist Magdalena Rezler-Niesiołowska…”  Tadeusz Szantruczek Ruch Muzyczny, December, 2002

    In the best style
    “… She plays Bach in the way the greatest masters played him…”              Ludwik Erhard Ruch Muzyczny April 15, 2001                            

    Great violin solo. Concert in Hochschule fuer Musik in Freiburg, performed by Magdalena Rezler
    “Magdalena Rezler did not take the easy way out during the evening solo program in the Chamber Hall of the University. From the very first to the last minute, from Bach’s Sonata No.1 till Ysaÿe’s ballad, the concert was dominated by virtuosity of the violin player…
    The technique of playing justifies comparison of the concerto to a hurdle race. The Freiburg professor did not give the audience any rest periods, performing in a masterful, commanding respect way…                 Badische Zeitung. June 5, 2001

    “…Magdalena Rezler’s violin sounds very beautiful, with sincerity and great power to persuade. This typical East European sound matched perfectly Bach’s Sonata. Her music was like a fervent prayer, personal communication with God. Ysaÿe’s solo sonata was played with  astonishing virtuosity, and in the “Arethusa´s Fountain” the artist, together with the pianist Naoko Matsumoto,  conjured up a mystic atmosphere. The concert, crowned with performing Ravel’s “Tzigane” and Elgar’s “The Snow,” proved to be a great success of the violinist.”               Tokyo, November 28, 2001

    “…Fascinating lightness of playing!
    Inspiring performance and the skill to explore the lyric nature of contrasting fragments of Strauss’ sonata…” Badische Zeitung December 12, 2001

    “…The soloist of the evening, presenting herself in Concerto A minor, was a violinist of Polish origin, Magdalena Rezler, professor of Freiburg University of Music. She enriched her interpretation by powerful momentum and, at the same time, flexibility of sounds, which inspired the orchestra to perform with even stronger emotion…”          Darmstädter Echo  December 13, 2000

    Summer meetings in Radziejowice
    “…Experts on music sitting among the audience admired Magdalena Rezler’s craftsmanship and control of the violin and her interesting interpretation of Romance, Krakowiak (Cracovienne), Burlesque or all three Wieniawski’s pieces that she played. … Only real virtuosi are capable of playing like this. The audience recognized it instantly. Thunderous applause and several encores were the result …                          August 16, 2000                

    “…In solo parts of popular around the world violin compositions, this time we had an opportunity to listen to the famous Magdalena Rezler-Niesiołowska. Bach violin Concerto in A minor in the violinist’s interpretation was first of all intriguing by its sound quality. …, virtuoso Rondo capricioso of Camille Saint-Saëns, full to the brim with Spanish fiery enthusiasm, fully highlighted the violinist’s brilliant craftsmanship, so impressive due to sparkling figurations, especially extraordinary flexibility in the use of the bow…” Katarzyna Kaczmarczyk     Gazeta Wyborcza, Opole    October 9, 2000

    “…the superiority with which the charming Pole conjured up such a composition as Ravel’s “Tzigane.” It was equally astonishing with what self-restraint she immersed herself in the beauties of Beethoven’s Sonata… rich artistic maturity and devilish virtuosity in the caprices of Paganini and Polonaise of Wieniawski kept one in constant suspense…”
    Hamburger Abendblatt

    It was a concert that filled the audience with wonder, which then broke into frantic applause – not a common view among the people of the North, usually reserved in their manner. Playing translates into presenting something extraordinary – nobody could prove it better that than the Warsaw violinist Magdalena Rezler. “Super-musical” to the bone, M.R. plays with her whole body, and while playing she reads aloud the whole intensity of her interpretations. To listen and see how this Pole plays – is a real pleasure!                                                              Cuxhavener Nachrichten

    Extraordinary concert of the Dresden Philharmonic
    “…It was followed by Beethoven violin concerto in D major performed by a Polish violinist Magdalena Rezler, quite familiar to the audience due to her many performances and having a faithful group of local listeners. After compositions of Karłowicz, Bacewicz and Viotti, it was her most ambitious challenge. The way she met it commands sincere respect. Her mind concentration and excellent control with which she performed were almost palpable when she was getting out of it all forms and content that so much distinguish it. On the other hand, the intensity of her playing was remarkable, and the same could be said about savoring many lyric fragments – all the time maintaining enviable lightness of sound. Vigorous presentation of the dramatic events of the composition was also remarkable. …”                         Saechsische Neueste Nachrichten

    …her cultured, free of any trace of exaltation interpretation of Mendelssohn concerto and excellent performance of Ysaÿe’s Ballad as an encore offered hope that organizers of musical life in Silesia will remember about this soloist more often in the future.                             Gazeta Robotnicza, Wrocław

    Wydawca: Universal Music Polska ACD 111-2
    Polska muzyka wirtuozowska
    Andrzejowski, Chopin, Statkowski, Wieniawski, Zarzycki
    Opracowanie na skrzypce i orkiestrę ARNOLD REZLER
    Magdalena Rezler-Niesiołowska skrzypce
    Maciej Niesiołowski dyrygent



    J. BRAHMS 3 Sonaty na fortepian i skrzypce
    G-dur op.78 ca 25′
    A-dur op.100 ca 18′
    d-moll op.108 ca 20′
    całość z przerwą ok. 100 minut


    Wieczór sonat na skrzypce i fortepian


    WIECZÓR SONAT ROMANTYCZNYCH na skrzypce i fortepian

    F. Mendelssohn – Sonata F-dur
    E. Grieg – Sonata c-moll
    C. Franck – Sonata A-dur z przerwą ok. 120 min.


    HITY MUZYKI FRANCUSKIEJ na skrzypce i fortepian

    C. Franck Sonata A-dur
    C. Saint-Saens Introdukcja i Rondo-Capriccioso
    E. Chausson Poem
    M. Ravel Tzigane



    Przykład programu:

    A. Dvorak Humoreska
    A. Chaczaturian Maskarada
    K. Bohm Gavot
    C. Debussy Minstrels
    H. Wieniawski Polonaise
    J. Massenet Thais
    J. Suk 4 Utwory
    D. Szostakowicz 4 Preludia
    R. Statkowski Mazurek
    A. Andrzejowski Burleska

    Program można dowolnie wymieniać, wydłużać lub skracać
    Przeciętny czas koncertu (z przerwą) ok. 100-110 minut


    MUZYKA POLSKA na skrzypce i fortepian

    J. Paderewski Sonata
    K. Szymanowski Sonata
    A. Zarzycki Romans
    H. Wieniawski Scherzo-Tarantella
    Polonaise A-dur


    J. Paderewski Sonata
    K. Szymanowski Mity
    Nokturn i Tarantela
    W. Lutosławski Partita

    Programy można dowolnie wymieniać.
    Przeciętny czas koncertu (z przerwą) 100 do 120 minut



    Wyk.: Magdalena Rezler Niesiołowska
    Adam Niesiołowski


    G. Ph. Telemann Sonata kanoniczna G-dur na dwoje skrzypiec
    J. S. Bach Chaccona d- moll na skrzypce solo
    J. Spohr Duet Es-dur op.3

    F. Janiewicz Divertimento na 2 skrzypiec
    G. Bacewicz Sonata na skrzypce solo
    H. Wieniawski Kaprys op.18 nr 2 na dwoje skrzypiec
    G. Bacewicz Suita na dwoje skrzypiec


    MUZYKA XX WIEKU na skrzypce i fortepian

    P. Hindemith Sonata Es-dur op.11 nr.1
    S. Prokofiew Sonata D-dur op. 94a
    G. Bacewicz Sonata nr.4
    W. Lutosławski Partita


    DZISIEJSZA MUZYKA POLSKA na skrzypce i fortepian

    K. Meyer Sonata na skrzypce solo
    Misterioso op. 93 na skrzypce i fortepian
    R. Twardowski Capriccio In Blue
    A. Tansman Cinq Pieces
    H. M. Górecki Variazioni


    Bach Koncerty E-dur i a-moll Vivaldi Cztery pory Roku
    Mozart – wszystkie koncerty
    Beethoven – D-dur
    Mendelssohn e-moll
    Lalo (Symphonie espagnole)
    Wieniawski – d-moll
    Brahms – D -dur
    a-moll (na skrzypce i wiolonczelę) Sibelius -d-moll
    Bruch – g-moll
    S. Prokofiew – g-moll
    Karłowicz A-dur
    Szymanowski – nr.1 i nr.2
    Meyer – nr. 2
    na skrzypce i wiolonczelę


    Beethoven – Romanse
    Chausson – Poem
    Ravel – Tzigane
    Saint-Saens – Introdukcja i Rondo Capriccioso op.28
    – Havanaise op.83
    Baird – Espressioni Varianti
    Lutosławski – Partita


    Kreisler – Kaprys Wiedeński
    – Radość Miłości
    Wieniawski – Polonez A-Dur op.21
    – Scherzo-Tarantella op.16
    – Legenda op.17
    – Walc-Kaprys op.7
    – Kujawiak
    – Pieśń Polska op.12
    Zarzycki – Mazurek G-Dur op.26
    – Romans op.16
    Andrzejowski – Burleska
    Statkowski -Krakowiak op.7
    Chopin – Grande Valse a-Moll op.34
    – Valse h-Moll op.69
    – Nokturn cis- Moll op.posth


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