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    Nonsense of capture and storage of CO2
    Wanda Pazdan 13 Apr 2010

    We need to prevent wasting of the European Union and national funds on capture and storage of carbon dioxide projects. The energetic safety is the first priority task.

    We have to be just in time with our information, prior to the approval of EUROPE 2020 strategy  in June 2010!

    It is very important for our present days and for our future to understand the natural processes correctly, such as the process of the global climate change.

    Nicolaus Copernicus had helped us to realize, that our Earth is not a center of the Universe, but merely one of the members of the Solar System. On the basis of this realization one has build also physics of the Earth`s global climate during several recent years. One has assumed, when doing this, that the whole energy influencing the global warming observed in years 1860-1990 was coming from the “interior” of the Solar System, that means from the Sun and from the Earth itself, including her habitants, what further means – coming from the human industrial activities. The fact that the “global” industrial revolution had occurred exactly during the same period of time, has suggested that there are exactly we ourselves, who are one of the main culprits of the observed warming on the Earth.

    However, the newest theoretical investigations by physicists and astrophysicists, and the observations of the development of all physical factors connected with climate, as carried out with increasing intensivity in the last twenty-year period, demonstrate unquestionably that the time-correlation between the actual global warming and the industrial revolution was only made by chance. It becomes evident that the amount of energy in human disposal is vanishingly small in comparison with the amount of energy in disposal of Nature (Universe). In order to properly consider this energetic relation, a next “intellectual revolution” is necessary, similar to the “Copernican revolution”. We have to accept the fact that also our Solar System is not an energetic center of the Universe, but it is only a member of huge cosmic hierarchy of such objects as groups of stars, smaller and larger galaxies, up to huge clusters of galaxies. Only an analysis of the energetic relations inside of the whole cosmic hierarchy allows us to understand the process – and what is the most important – to foresee in the next and further future the natural changes of the global climate.

    The first and most important practical conclusion from the analysis of the theoretical and observational investigations is the following. The natural warming has reached its theoretical maximum in summer 1990, and since then begun the next natural phase of the global cooling. Initially in years 1990-2003 it was a stagnation rather than an evidently felt cooling. The very recent few years, however, show an undisputable tendency of the falling down Earth`s temperature. This cooling intensify itself during the next half of the century.

    The energy resources of the Earth will be in any way high enough to compensate this natural cooling. As soon as possible, we have to change our point of view upon the problem of the “human regulation of climate”, in order to prevent the energetic catastrophe, especially in those regions of the Earth, which are normally colder than the remaining parts of the world. We have to revise our plans to spend funds for  capturing and storage of CO2 projects for climate saving. In light of the newest investigations, funds devoted to such projects can be better directed to roads infrastructure, transportation and energetic projects.



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