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    Declaration of Firm Culture in the Spirit of Sustainable Development
    Wanda Pazdan 3 Jan 2009


    – declaration to implement a progress management system in pursuit of sustainable development;

    – declaration to implement public domain annual reports pursuant to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) recommendations or in a similar form and to have them audited by an independent entity (university, institute, consulting company, etc.);

    – declaration to manufacture products or to provide services to the market which are gradually more energy-saving, water-saving, less material consumptive, with lower direct and indirect emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, with decreasing direct or indirect emission of all process pollutants, with growing share of green energy consumption from local materials, with minimization of waste and involvement of modern methods of waste disposal, with increasing role of recycling services of the sold products, commodities and services which do not have a negative impact on ecosystems (biodiversity), which do not imperil health of human beings, with extended lifecycle through facilitating availability of spare parts throughout the anticipated time of product use;

    – declaration to use power, water and materials more sparingly for non-production purposes;

    – declaration of becoming independent from power providers, taking into account green energy;

    – declaration to minimize individual transportation needs and to optimize transportation fleet from the ecological and financial perspective;

    – declaration to care about safety at work;

    – declaration to educate employees on permanent basis, taking into account the role of literature, music (art) and physical exercise in development of creative individuals;

    – declaration to support prevention of disease;

    – declaration to support tolerance of cultural diversity;

    – declaration to increase percentage share of green procurements;

    – declaration to increase percentage share of orders from suppliers who respect the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, Charter of Human Rights;

    – declaration of intensifying care about esthetic impression of the workplace and company premises, as well as about employees’ culture;

    – declaration to care more about development of local and world community.

    Signed by a person  formally representing a given firm

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