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    Festival of Sustainable Development and Music
    Wanda Pazdan 10 Feb 2010

    Sustainable Development and Music Festival, Opole 2010

    logo2preview.jpg         Signal of the Festival ZR/SD-M

    The co-organizers:          

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    The goals:

    The creation of the platform of reflections, new ideas and education.

    The promotion of the Polish end the others business representatives and communes which are on sustainable development road.

    The strengthening of cooperation between different actors of sustainable development implementation process.

    The creation of education platform, international exchange of experience, expertise, culture.

    The holistic process of education for sustainable development as lifelong learning process.

    The promotion of music as a tool for imagination, creativity, innovation development, tool supporting changes of our consciousness,

    The promotion of practices and techniques for human development.

    The promotion of Opole Region.

    The inauguration of yearly Festival is 7th September 2010.

    “Sustainable Development – vision and practice in XXI century” workshops will be one of the form of realization of the Festival.

    Programme of the Festival you can see in category programme.

    The Festival is under the auspices  of:  

    The media patronage:

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    Manager of the Festival: Wanda Pazdan

    Artistic Manager: Weronika Schreiber-Kadłubkiewicz

    EMI manage the Festival office.

    We   cordially invite SPONSORS. There are three packages of services:

    1. Maecenas pack                                    

    2. Friend pack

    3. Guardian pack.

    You can help us to build a powerful network through a series of meetings, discussions, concerts, trainings and events where participants will have opportunities to enrich creativity and  to help generate new possibilities for everybody.

    Economical recession it is a danger and an area of new possibilities.

    The implementation of sustainable development, new technologies, new organizational solutions, as well changes of our awarness – it is an area of new possibilities.

    Creativity, energy efficiency, material efficiency of production and consumption, climate change, new energy, health care, psychology and music, as tools for creativity development, it is a thematic framework of ZR/SD-M Festival .


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